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My apologies: I somehow deleted my entire webpage! It was time for an updated site, so perhaps it was a fortuitous error. This site is under (re-)construction. Also, feel free to check the "wayback machine" to find archived pages, including health information and color genetics of Spanish Water Dogs.

Welcome to my website! 

Ariosa is a hobby kennel of Spanish Water Dogs and Löwchen, two breeds which are rare to the United States. I breed infrequently, perhaps only once every year or so. I enjoy watching my pups grow up a bit before making my next breeding decisions. In this house, it's definitely quality over quantity.

My own dogs enjoy dabbling as much as I do, trying our hand (and paws) at a variety of events: conformation; arena-, ranch- and tending-style herding; agility; water work; and Barn Hunt. 

We are located in picturesque central Connecticut near Wesleyan University.

Lisa Harper

AKC Breeder of Merit

Ariosa Spanish Water Dogs and Löwchen


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